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The Sara Stedy™ is a standing aid tool that encourages the more mobile to stand up independently.
It is a versatile stand and transfer aid that promotes support, encourages patient mobility and helps residents to stand up independently.

Product Information

  • Max safe working load kg 182 kg\
  • Lift Weight (incl battery) kg 29,4 kg
  • Min total storage height mm 1050 mm
  • External width legs closed mm 490 mm
  • External width legs open mm 880 mm
  • Internal width leg closed mm 360 mm
  • Internal width leg open mm 750 mm
  • Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) mm 100 mm
  • Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) mm 30 mm
  • Lift total length mm 920 mm
  • Turning radius mm 1040 mm